high-pressure reactor / laboratory / stirred tank
4530 series

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high-pressure reactor / laboratory / stirred tank high-pressure reactor / laboratory / stirred tank - 4530 series


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    stirred tank


The 4530 series, manufactured by Parr®, is a movable and modifiable high-pressure laboratory reactor which is configured for polymer studies. This series comes also in the pressure versions.

The floor stand reactors in this series are mounted on a strong stand that can handle bigger stirrer drive motors and stronger power trains in contrast with the well known bench models on the market. Providing high torque as well as low stirring speeds that are needed for working with polymers and other viscosity mixtures are possible with this series. These mountings are also better fitted for installing a drain valve in the cylinder base for easy elimination of the reaction mixture while still hot.

Floor stand mountings give a base for reactor modifications and for the inclusion of accessories including special motors, automatic regulators, packed columns and condensers.