ultrasonic flaw detector / portable
-29 dB ... +67 dB, 0.5 - 25 MHz | U-TOP



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The U top is a comprehensive ultrasonic testing unit, geared to deliver precise measurements of ultrasonic waves. The unit can be assimilated with a PC, thus enabling the provision of multiple additional inputs and outputs. This allows it to be used as an efficient controller for more complex devices.

The testing unit is equipped with the ability to work in tandem with diverse devices. It can work in conjunction with a multiplexer scanner, geared to provide 2 to 32 channels. It can also work with an incremental encoder. It facilitates connections with a WWW or WLAN communication system.

The device encompasses a single channel pulser and a receiver. It enables assimilation with single or dual transducers- one for transmission and one for reception. This enables precise pulse-echo and through transmission metering. The unit is sized 250mm x 310mm x 100 mm while its weight is 4 kg. It is housed in an aluminum enclosure, compliant with IP 65 protection criteria. It works at a power supply of 12V DC / 2A.