ultrasonic non-destructive testing system



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Miniature ultrasonic data acquisition system with integrated pulser&receiver
for NDT and other ultrasonic measurement systems

OPBOX 2.1 is a complete ultrasonic testing device, suitable for all ultrasonic measurements and due to many additional digital inputs/outputs and internal processor it can be used as a controller for more complicated devices.

The box can work together with following devices:
- Multi channel multiplexer - the box can control it directly;
- Scanner - it has input for incremental encoders;

The box has an implemented one channel pulser & receiver and can be used with one transducer or with two (one is sending, and the second one receiving).

Introduction to data acquisition settings.
The data acquisition system in OPBOX 2.1 (firmware rev. 2.1.60) was designed with the goal to reach a real time acquisition speed (PRF) of up to 10000 measurements per second. The device stores the data in internal memory and allows the software to read the data in packets. This allows to reach high medium speed of measurement data for different sizes of measurement windows and limits the necessity to communicate with the device on the level of control functions (inquires, confirmations, readings of results from measurement gates, encoder positions, etc.)

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