immersion ultrasonic transducer

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immersion ultrasonic transducer immersion ultrasonic transducer


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Immersion Transducers

An immersion transducer is a single element longitudinal wave transducer with a 1/4 (1/2) wavelength layer acoustically matched to water or other fluid impedance. Immersion transducers are specifically designed to transmit ultrasound in applications where the test parts are partially or wholly immersed in water/fluid, which allows a uniform and fast coupling technique for rapid scanning/inspecting of parts. Focusing lens can be added to increase transducer sensitivity and performance in a particular area of a part. Immersion transducers can be focused either spherically or cylindrically upon request within the allowable focal range for a given frequency and element size.

Frequency range: 1MHz up to 25MHz

We can make the trnasducers according to the customers requirement.

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