thermoplastic extrusion line / single layer / multilayer / for composite pipes
Opipe Ultrasonic system for plastic pipes measurement



  • Treated material:

    for thermoplastics

  • Other characteristics:

    multilayer, single layer

  • Applications:

    for drainage pipes, for gas pipes, for composite pipes, for high-pressure pipelines


Opipe - Measurement and control technology for plastics pipe extrusion. Tube Inspection Solutions. Ultrasonic system for plastic pipes measurement

The cost-effective complete solution for the ultrasonic measurement for superior raw material savings and stable product quality.

Highly precise measuring values of wall thicknesses diameter, eccentricity, ovality, material consumption as wall as statistic control: Pp/Ppk Cp/Cpp for Wall, and out-in diameter.
The required measuring accuracy and functioning are provided by proven measuring mechanics. Innovative ultrasonic technology by OPTEL is
only one existing system on the market with online measurement of the speed of sound in material with very high precision, it means NO calibration needed!

What we are offer:
- System to control on line the pipes dimensions: thickness, internal diameter and external diameters, eccentricity, ovality with SPC, alarms and recipes
- Pipes ranging between 5 to 800 mm in diameter and geometries between 0.5 - 400 mm*
- Automatic control of wall thickness with integration into extruder control system
- Material savings
- Two touch terminal with circle graphics - one close to the supervision of the extruder and the main in measurement station.

Extremely reliable OPIPE provides complex measurement data for the sustainable improvement of product quality and maximum reduction of weight per meter
and 100% quality control up to 120m/min* line production speed.

With pleasure, we will present you our detailed offer:
*we are deliver a measurement setup for your exact needs!