temperature and humidity data-logger / dew-point / WiFi / with LCD display
PCE-HT 120

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temperature and humidity data-logger / dew-point / WiFi / with LCD display temperature and humidity data-logger / dew-point / WiFi / with LCD display - PCE-HT 120


  • Measured quantity:

    temperature and humidity, dew-point

  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    with LCD display

  • Applications:

    for monitoring, for food applications, storage, for thermocouples

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, digital


Due to a rapid technological development, the modern world has turned into the world of various countless data, which, if not organized and registered, will bring to chaos. There are different ways of modern data acquisition devices, most frequently called data loggers, designed for recording and monitoring of processes and parameters, which if connected appropriately, create a certain data base, where the data is not only registered and recorded, but stored, due to the high capacity memory of the devices, analyzed and processed, due to the modern software, and sorted out, which provides an important information about the environment checked, manufacturing, technical processes, products or parameters.

A data logger is, quite simply, an electronic device that stores data. The data logger has become a revolutionary perfect solution for logging data and is nowadays represented by a wide range of devices, from small one to quite complex data logging systems. PCE Instruments’ data logger products are digital processor-controlled storage devices that capture and record measurement data over time using built-in or external sensors. The data logged reflects different parameters of sound, temperature, humidity, light, gas, air, voltage, current, shock, vibration, force, water quality, ... obtained through contact or non contact measurement with a data logger. Each data logging instrument offered by PCE Instruments comes manufacturer or factory calibrated. An ISO calibration certificate can be acquired for any data logger for sale on this website. Please visit the calibration section of this web page for more details.