digital refractometer / portable / industrial / for the beverage industry

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digital refractometer digital refractometer - PCE-DRW 2


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    portable, industrial

  • Applications:

    for the beverage industry


Waterproof IP65-rated Brix / alcohol content (% vol ap) / °Oechsle (°Oe) / KMN (babo) refractometer with easy-to-read LCD

PCE-DRW 2 is a handheld digital refractometer used to determine the sugar content / alcohol content (% vol ap) / °Oechsle (°Oe) / KMN (babo) of wine and similar liquids in the 0 ... 45 % Brix / 0 ... 22% vol ap / 3 ... 150 °Oe / 0 ... 25 KMW measuring range. This waterproof IP65-rated digital refractometer features automatic temperature compensation (ATC) from +10 ... +40 °C / +50 ... +104 °F, as well as a large, easy-to-read LCD that shows both the measured value and the temperature.

More Information about Wine Refractometer
For some people wine making and tasting is a special art and life occupation. Nevertheless, even without possessing some special knowledge about wine, a lot of people around the world value a glass of good wine. What makes it good? The answer is simple and it sounds like – quality! Correctly selected grapes, correct manufacturing process, amount of sugar and alcohol in it – these are all the crucial factors that make wine of the most favorite beverages. Application of wine Refractor in wine growing.Real professionalism in making wine means not only good and deep knowledge and experience, but also application of the correct and accurate equipment, and a wine refractometer is exactly such an instrument. The sugar level is essential, since this is one of the main criteria by which the wine kinds are differentiated. Though the wine refractometer is not used for determining the alcohol level in the final product directly, its measurements can be taken for calculation of the alcohol level.