type 4 safety light curtain / multibeam / through-beam
SLP series



  • Function:

    type 4 safety

  • Type of beam:


  • Configuration:


  • Operating range:

    Max.: 65 m (213'03")

    Min.: 5 m (16'04")


Pepperl+Fuchs with the brand VISOLUX offers an extensive offering of multi-ray safety light grids. These self-monitoring photoelectric safety devices meet category 4 standards according to EN 954-1 or type 4 standards per EN 61496. In combination with the SLVA or SC4-8 series switching amplifiers, muting sensors and other safety devices, the SLP series safety light grids form a modular safety system, which can be configured by the user.

Several safety light grids can be connected to a switching amplifier. Different thru-beam sensors may be used as long as each pair consists of a transmitter and a receiver of the same type. Depending on the amplifier, up to 8 light grids can be controlled and monitored by one amplifier.