color spectrophotometer / benchtop / compact / scanning



  • Spectrum:


  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, scanning, USB

  • Technical applications:

    for biomedical applications

  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 1,100 nm

    Min.: 190 nm


For over 50 years we have remained at the forefront of research and innovation. Now, we have drawn on our experience to bring you the LAMBDA Bio+ spectrophotometer, the instrument you can depend on to meet the demands of your busy laboratory.

LAMBDA Bio+ Additional features:

Rapid scanning, kinetics and concentration modes of operation to broaden your range of applications
Customize up to 90 methods for instant recall and rapid answers
Optional SD flash memory card and Bluetooth connection module for easy data transfer
Specially designed with you in mind
Split beam operation ensures high stability and run-to-run reproducibility
External power supply reduces heat in the spectrophotometer - a major source of instrument drift
Ultra long-life Xenon lamp and zero moving parts minimizes maintenance and maximizes your lab's uptime
Get answers in an instant
An innovate optical design provides full spectra almost instantly
Full suite of life-science methods: DNA, RNA and Oligonucleotide calculations, protein assays, cell density measurements and much, much more!
Large, intuitive full graphics display
Customized to fit your lab
Compact design allows the LAMBDA to fit anywhere in your lab
Transfer data to your computer for printing or storage using an SD memory card, USB PC connector, or Bluetooth connection Module
Integrated thermal printer