4-axis motion controller / 8-axis / 6-axis / EtherCAT
A-82x PIglide series



  • Number of axes:

    4-axis, 8-axis, 6-axis

  • Signal type:


  • Technology:

    integrated, closed-loop

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, high-performance


4, 6 or 8 high-performance motion axes
Fully integrated closed-loop servo control, amplifier module, and power supplies
For voice coil drives, DC motors, and brushless 3-phase motors
Quiet PWM drives. Optional: NanoPWM high-performance drive control
Encoder inputs support sine/cosine and BiSS-C
10 A continuous current / 20 A peak output current per axis
The A-82x motion controller series from PI offers a fully integrated electronics solution with controller, drives, and power supplies in a compact 4-U-high 19-inch rack unit. The A-82x controllers are designed and optimized for PIglide air bearing stages that are equipped with direct drive linear and rotation servo motors, and high-resolution encoders. The A-82x motion controller features the state-of-the-art ACS SPiiPlusEC motion controller and EtherCAT master.

Standard options include inputs for incremental sine/cosine and absolute encoders that use the BiSS-C data protocol. Support for sine/cosine encoders has an integrated interpolation factor of 16384x. All controllers feature integrated flash memory for stored motion programs and parameters.

The A-82x controllers can be operated in stand-alone mode running stored programs, or controlled via an external PC. A PC is required for programming and startup. All software is supplied with the controller.

If the controller is purchased together with a PIglide air bearing stage or positioning system, PI will perform the servo tuning, startup of the controller, and error calibration, and supply a complete ready-to-use positioning system.