centrifugal separator / for mineral oil
S200 BW 44



  • Technology:


  • Separated substance:

    for mineral oil

  • Width:

    700 mm


This is the decanter centrifuge which is a manual sediment discharger. The material in contact with this product is AISI 304/F51 while the cover is made of a highly durable material AISI 304. To ensure same quality, the sediment discharging chamber is made of the same AISI 304 material.

Technical data:
The installed power of this product is 4 kW, and has a hydraulic capacity of 5000 l/h. The volume of the bowl is 4.4 L while the sludge space volume is 1.7 L. The bowl can rotate up to 9100 times per minute. The total length is 1000 mm, total width is 700 mm, total height is 1200 mm. The bowl weighs around 40 kg while the machine weighs 220 kg making the total weight to 260 kg.

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