trout filleting machine / for salmon
FR 75

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trout filleting machine / for salmon trout filleting machine / for salmon - FR 75
  • Trout filleting machine / for salmon


  • Fish type:

    for trout, for salmon

  • Rate:

    40 p/min


A stand-alone filleting machine for head off fish gutted with the belly open. Suitable for fish in the size range 500 grams to 1 Kgs at speeds up to 40 fish per minute.

The FR-75 is designed with the smaller processor in mind. The machine's simple design and construction make operation and maintenance easy. The FR-75 uses only one motor which makes it ideal for a small plant with only single phase power. The design simplifications have not effected the performance. The machine still processes a wide variety of fish from head-off, gutted fish into fillets. The FR-75 needs very little adjustment to handle various sizes.
Method of operation
An operator places a head-off gutted fish onto the feed rail, the feed rollers then carry the fish into the drive belts. The fish is transported by the drive belts to a pair of blades which remove the backbone. The backbone is ejected out of the bottom of the machine while the fillet continues to the rib removal blades. The ribs are then removed from the fillets with the waste ribs ejected out of the bottom of the machine. The rib and backbone free fillets then exit the machine.
The FR-75 can process fish from 12 oz (700g) to 8 lbs (3.6-kg) depending on species and the internal configuration of the machine. A sample of species that can be processed on the FR-75 includes: Trout, Salmon, Basa, Ocean Perch, Red Fish, Lake White Fish, Walleye, Mullet, Small Snappers and Rock Fish.