positive displacement meter / flowmeter / analog / with oscillating disc / for liquids



  • Type:

    positive displacement

  • Display:


  • Technology:

    with oscillating disc

  • Applications:

    for liquids


The K33 ATEX Flow Meters is a constant, low-cost and very to install and calibrate at the place of deployment. Because of the low flow resistance, it can also be utilized under gravity. The product can be deployed in any position on either rigid or flexible pipes or it can be deployed straight on pumps or tanks. It comes with a 3-digital indicator with a maximum 999 liters with a total of 6 digits. The flow rate is 20 to 120 l/min and the accuracy is +/- 1%. It is integrated with a repeatability rate of +/- 0.3 while the operating pressure is 3.5 bar and bursting pressure is 28 bar. Lastly, the equipment is classified as follows group II, category 2 G IIB T=85°C (T6), so the flow meter is good for operating in locations that are classified as 1 and 2 in compliance with directive 99/92/CE.