data transfer software / network / mechanical / for electronic components



  • Function:

    data transfer

  • Applications:

    network, mechanical, for electronic components

  • Type:




Among the equipment related to SSM 2.0, PIUSI has developed a set of technological solutions able to connect the electronic/mechanical device to the fluid control system, that is the software that organizes the operation of the hardware; in this case Self Service Management 2.0. How does data transfer with SSM2.0 work? It depends on the technology required.

Direct downloading
Use your Manager Key to transfer the data from dispenser to PC: it is enough to touch the dispenser with the key and then use the key reader to transfer the data collected.

The way to receive in real time all information regarding the transactions: using PWLAN or PWWiFi the software recognizes the fuel dispensers and it will automatically send the data to the Self Service Management 2.0 software.

Mobile Network
The brand-new PW MOBILE 4G 2.0 allows to install dispenser wherever desired, even in the most remore area, without the need of a local network: the device uses the mobile 4G technology to communicate and transfer data and comes with a SIM card included.