shaftless screw conveyor / for the food industry / for the recycling industry / for waste



  • Technology:

    shaftless screw

  • Sector:

    for the food industry, for the recycling industry

  • Product transported:

    for waste, for slurries

  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal, inclined, stainless steel


Shaftless screw conveyors able to convey difficult materials such as MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) , dehydrated sludge and waste from processing of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, wastewater treatment, sewage from sugar mills, beverage industries, paper mills and chemical industries.
- municipal sewage
- industrial sewage
- paper industry
- food industry
- slaughter industry
The system consists of a shaftless screw, which is directly connected to the drive and rotates inside a trough or a pipe. These rugged machines are able to convey solid and semi-solid material of any kind such as sludge, sediment, sand, etc. They can reach a maximum working 30° inclination to the horizontal axis.
Framing and screw can be made in AISI 304/316 stainless steel
Maximum capacity: sediment 20 mc/h - sludge 59 mc/h