monitoring software / reporting / control / data transfer



  • Function:

    monitoring, reporting, control, data transfer

  • Applications:

    machine, office

  • Other characteristics:




Opti Editor prepares a standard file for harvesters to control automatic bucking. It defines tree species, desired assortments and dimensions, log distributions and colour marking tables. The Opti Simu program ensures that the automatic bucking control file works faultlessly before it is sent to a harvester. The Opti Stem program analyses stem data collected during harvesting so that the stand that best corresponds to the each logging site can be selected and edited for Opti Simu automatic bucking simulations.


The Opti Report reporting program reads, saves and reports standard production, efficiency and working hours monitoring data produced by harvesters and forwarders. The clearly formulated reports can be analysed both numerically and graphically.


The Opti Planner program can be used to generate detailed harvesting instructions for forest machine operators. The Opti Comm data transfer tool is ideal for sending harvesting files via email from the forest machine to the office and from the office to the forest machine.