automatic pallet wrapping machine / stretch film / vertical
max. 110 p/h | LH-400 series



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The LH-400 Stretch Hooders are proficient, completely automatic load protecting systems at first intended to deliver secured bed loads that are waterproof for outside capacity. The film hood utilized by the system pushes vertical and horizontal pressure on the, tenderly pressing it down onto the pallet, which significantly enhances the packaging quality of unstable loads.

It works just as well with customary pallets or mix load pallets. Dissimilar to other stretch hooders available, the LH-400 is entirely designed, built, made and overhauled in North America. It is powerful, solid and implicit understanding with North American principles. It works equally well with mixed loads, regular pallet loads, heavy or unstable loads, it has easy integration to existing or new pallet conveying systems with waterproof loads.