Cartesian palletizer / case / for cardboard boxes / automatic



  • Type:


  • Product applications:

    case, for cardboard boxes

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, modular

  • Throughput:

    18 p/min


Compact and flexible Cartesian palletizing solution with automatic input and output of pallets.

The pick & place modular Cartesian palletizer, S-120, has been specifically designed to handle cartons, shrink-packs or any other containers on a regular basis in a small area size

The S-120 is a compact and flexible Cartesian palletizer with automatic inpur and output of pallet

The S-120 palletizer has been designed to be directly connected with one or two outward case conveyors, thus completing the end of line.

This unit is ideal for low and medium capacities. As a general concept, it is considered to have a speed of 10 cycles/min.

If the pallet pattern can carry two cases per cycle, then the speed would be 18 cases/minute.

It allows simultaneous working with cases and tiles of different sizes in the following case:

Single case conveyor In this case, the S-120 is equipped with a palletizing station. Once a pallet is complete it automatically moves to the position of the second pallet to complete the process. The positioning of the empty pallet (at the loading position) and the output of the full pallet to the standby position, are performed automatically.