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vegetable blancher / for mushrooms / steam / belt

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vegetable blancher / for mushrooms / steam / belt vegetable blancher / for mushrooms / steam / belt


  • Food product:

    vegetable, for mushrooms

  • Options:

    steam, belt, screw


Immersion Belt Blancher
The blancher is used for heat treatment of vegetables and mushrooms before freezing or further processing.
Raw material is supplied directly on the machine belt in the infeed part using a conveyor or manually from the boxes- the belt is constructed in such a way that enables two boxes of the product to be accommodated between two cleats forming one operation chamber. Raw material is transported on the belt to the appropriate operation part, where it is immersed under water. Specially installed sheet metal ensures complete immersion of mushrooms under water that is heated by steam through the direct injection. At the end of the machine, the product is lifted above the water surface, passes through the cold water spraying system (until cooling and rinsing off the process water) and is directed to the discharge.

White Cup Mushroom Screw Blancher
The unit is designed for blanching white cup mushrooms using the eccentric screw movement principle.