threaded cap / hexagonal / for hex bolts / push-fit
EP 810



  • Type:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for hex bolts

  • Other characteristics:

    push-fit, anti-corrosion


The EP 810 Bolt and Nut Corrosion Caps are supplied with either standard or extended length barrels. The extended barrel is used in conjunction with tensioning devices. Tensioners require a thread height of approximatly two times the thread lebgth for twelve exposed threads. The standard length barrel is used where tensioners are not required and it allows for up to six exposed threads. The vertical locking lip secures itself under the hexagon nut creating anti-vibration protection and the perfect anti-corrosing seal over the bolt stud and hexagon nut connection. EP 810 Bolt and Nut Corrosion Caps are designed and manufactured to prevent the corrosion of bolt studs and hexagon nuts. Also, this product is economical, reusable and easy to install.

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