acoustic calibrator / dosimeter / for sound level meters / portable
105, 106



  • Measured physical value:


  • Applications:

    for sound level meters, dosimeter

  • Options:

    portable, precision, hand-held

  • Noise level:

    Max.: 114 dB

    Min.: 94 dB


Pulsar Instruments presents models 105 and 106 acoustic calibrators. They have been tested and have a formal EU Pattern approval under certificate PTB-1.61.4028829, as compliant with all the demands of the latest International standard IEC 60942: 2003. When compared to preceding versions, this version of the IEC standard is much more rigid. Thus far, only some manufacturers have been able to comply with it.

The two models are meant to perform calibration, or setting the sensitivity, of every Pulsar acoustic calibrator or any sound level meter with suitable approval and using a standard measurement microphone. Both models 105 and 106 provided a standard tone of 1kHz at 1 Pascal pressure, which is a 94-decibel sound level. They feature sensors for correction of humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, and battery voltation. These sensors ensure stability and accuracy of the calibrators is maintained in nearly all conditions.