compressed air filter / cartridge / mini-pleat / high-efficiency
51820 series



  • Designed for:

    compressed air

  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    mini-pleat, high-efficiency, compact, CO2, desiccant, coalescing, particulate

  • Filtration size:

    Min.: 0.01 µm

    Max.: 5 µm


Mini Filter Packages

These filters packages are matched to our mini desiccant air dryers (MDH Series) and mini CO2 adsorber compressed air dryer (MCA Series) flow and performance. We can also size the filters to your existing dryer.

Each package includes:

(1) 5.0 Micron Particulate Pre-Filter - Manual Drain
(1) 0.01 Micron Coalescing Pre-Filter - Manual Drain
(1) 1.0 Micron Particulate After-Filter - Manual Drain
Poly Bowls
(2) 1/4" Brass Connecting Nipples
(2) Wall Mounting Brackets

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