scatter plot processing and visualization software / image analysis / measurement / assessment
Demo-QS-View License, Demo –Profile Capture T License



  • Function:

    image analysis, measurement, assessment

  • Applications:

    scanner, scatter plot processing and visualization

  • Type:

    3D, 2D


Demo Software for Proof of Concept Test

“Demo-QS-View License Software” for Q4 Laser Scanner
“Demo –Profile Capture T License Software” for Q5 Laser Scanner

Profile Visualization of a 3D Point Cloud. Demo Measuring software with 2 D functions like radius, height, width, angle, gap, volume and step for quick verification of feasibility for a particular object. Demo Software

“Demo-3D-Explorer Software” for Q6 Laser Scanner

„Demo-3D-Explorer Software“ comprises image analysis functions with respect to standard deviation, noise, signal/noise ratio, and for optimization of the algorithms of the Q6 laser scanner.Simple distance measurement in 2D profile is possible as well as assessment of the behavior of the surface (cooperative/non-cooperative).
QuellTech provide Demo Software for Q4, Q5 and Q6 free of charge.