concrete mixing bucket / for excavators / for loaders / for skid steer loaders
Turbomix series



  • Type:

    concrete mixing

  • Applications:

    for excavators, for loaders, for skid steer loaders

  • Other characteristics:


  • Capacity:

    Min.: 300 l (79.25 gal)

    Max.: 750 l (198.13 gal)

  • Carrier weight:

    Min.: 1 t (1 us ton)

    Max.: 2 t (2 us ton)


Mixing of all concrete, gravel, cement, STABEX, VICALPES...

Wide range from 200 to 1000L

NOVELTIES: No drainage line, no 6-way valve, neither electric extension = easier & faster assembly + decrease of the costs on the global bid

Easy adaptation on all hydraulic vehicles thanks to a hitch bolted on the bucket itself, quickly interchangeable (except GM 8/10 with welded hitch).

Excellent mixing of the product thanks to the special blades

Blades made of stainless treatment, and high resistance steel HB480

Quick loading of the bucket thanks to the hydraulic opening of the grid

Two unloading possibilities: by front tilting or by the side emptying chute with hydraulic opening
Extended side chute 1.50m long with quick coupling

Curved grid for a better view from the driver’s cab

Only one dual acting valve is necessary thanks to the special RABAUD mounting

Safety for the operator:
- when loading the cement thanks to the protection grid
- when unloading thanks to the side chute (no operator under the bucket)

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