programming software / CAD/CAM / cutting / for tubes

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programming software / CAD/CAM / cutting / for tubes programming software / CAD/CAM / cutting / for tubes - Radtube


  • Function:

    programming, CAD/CAM, cutting

  • Applications:

    for tubes

  • Type:



Radtube is an industry leading Laser CAD/CAM system for rotary and multi axis cutting machines developed specifically for tube cutting and manipulation industry. The intuitive programming system allows tubes or sections to be parametrically defined from a library of standard shapes into which cutting apertures and profiles can be defined.

By using Radtube, not only will programming time be minimised, but also the eventual cut-path will be far more efficient, saving further time on the machine. Add in the comprehensive simulation and proofing tools and you have a system that streamlines day-to-day production, reduces costly errors and eradicates the need for dry-runs.
Features at a glance:

Intuitive graphical user interface
Extensive range of CAD interfaces
Comprehensive machine and postprocessor database
Built-in library of standard tube and aperture types
Nesting over single or multiple pipes or sections
One-click application of toolpath
Manual application of toolpath for selected areas
Total control of nozzle angle both interactively and explicitly
Create and apply technology data at any point
Inter- and intra-cut collision detection
Full solid 3D simulation of machine, nozzle and part
Ability to import 3D geometry and machine them directly