PLA 3D printer / ABS / FFF / industrial



  • Materials to be printed:

    PLA, ABS

  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    industrial, for model making

  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, continuous

  • X travel:

    280 mm, 305 mm

  • Y travel:

    305 mm

  • Z travel:

    300 mm


Industrial grade components printer that is ready for short-run manufacturing. Runs continuously with high reliability, handling a wide variety of materials. Set to integrate a print factory.

Dual Extruder: Electronic driven lifting; 4× increased torque performance.
Huge Build Volume.
0.01mm Layer Height.
Filament Sensor / Camera / Filter.
Wide Filament Compatibility (300ºC).
Resume Print after Power Outage.
7" Touch Screen / Wireless Compatibility.

Electronic Driven Lifting Dual Extrusion
Prints the most intricate projects. Expedites works. Multi-material prints.

High repeatability. (<0.005m, 5 micron).
Light speed, <1 second switching time.
1.5mm lifting distance, compatible with flexible filaments.
Over 100,000 times reliability test passed.