monitoring camera / monochrome / sCMOS / Camera Link
2.1 Mpix | Cygnet



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    Camera Link

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The Cygnet is a full-HD Digitized 2.1 MP sCMOS camera engineered for the monitoring and machine-vision markets. With a 12 bit CameraLink interface, the camera offers full HD resolution up to 60 Hz which makes it ideal for shortened exposures and quick events. The highly advanced CMOS mechanics provide low detection limits, in correlation to the formidable CCDs. There is a 2.1 MP 2/3 inch Scientific CMOS sensor with 5.5µm x 5.5µm pixels which enable super fine image resolution, and with a Quantum productivity of over 63% at 500 nm and greater than 34% at 850 nm, the Cygnet provides a perfect Photon collection.
Delivered in both monochrome and multiple colors, this is a durable, miniature, 120 g weight, high grade camera, with a very low power consumption of less than 1.7 W, it is well-suited for hand-held, mobile or airborne operations. The camera is also available in an OEM edition.