machine tool vise / low-profile / spring / aluminum



  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Configuration:

    low-profile, spring

  • Other characteristics:

    aluminum, 5-axis machining


The RWP-001 is a 1.5" dovetail fixture for milling applications used in four and five axis CNC machining. This fixture offers superior clamping strength while allowing access to five sides of the workpiece. Most machining can be completed in a single operation.

The standard RWP-001 is manufactured from 7075-T6511 aluminum and anodized: Class 2 Type II.

The fixture clamps are made from 17-4 Stainless Steel.

The spring-loaded clamping system and the dovetail design only require 1/8" of material to hold the workpiece in place. That means less waste, easier prep and no distortion. Prepare all your parts with a single dovetail and utilize the same fixture for every part. Easy, strong and efficient.

* Typical workpiece size dimensions (L x W x H): From: 2.35" x 2.25" x 0.50" To: 6.75" x 6.75" x 6.75". Maximum workpiece weight: 30 lbs.

*Notation: If the workholding application is for a direct mount to a Matsuura MAM72-35V Metric Table/Pallet configuration, then Raptor has a modified fixture design for this configurations. Please note Part Number: RWP-001 Metric, call direct to place an order.

Patented Design. Patent US8,672,310 B2

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