video measuring machine / CNC
0.5 μm, 500 x 330 mm | VMS-3020H



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CNC video measuring system
VMS-H series of products are an enhanced CNC model video measuring machine. It has a beautiful and generous structure and easy to operate, combined with our self-developed QIM5008 automatic measuring software, the machine can carry out mass measurement with highly efficiency. The features of the product are as follows:
1 Program controlled and constant current driven surface lamp is with four rings and four areas, suitable for
measuring various complicated Jobs.
2.With quick auto-focus, auto-detect, strong program and auto-measure function
3.Use sub-pixel technology to improve the ability of detecting the edges.
4 online SPC function ,Fixture measurement
5 X, Y and Z axis are controlled by servo, with high positing accuracy and smooth operation,
the speed can reach 180mm/s
6 Operate with Joystick and mouse which is very easy and convenient.
7 With laser indicator, system can measure locate the measurement position quickly
8 With auto-zoom as option, system can measure efficiently under various magnification