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powder coating machine with electrostatic gun / manual



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    with electrostatic gun

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The most compact unit, including a 28 l powder feeder. It is assembled on a handy stand easy to move, set in place and store when not in use.

The HI-TECH EPS electrostatic powder coating equipment has been designed to make available to an ever increasing number of users this modern and ecological coating system, breaking the high cost and big sizes barrier. The different versions of the HI - TECH EPS equipment have in common a simple and reliable electronic which - thanks to the exclusive coaxial generator fitted in the gun it self - charges the coating powder at its best. The wrap - around and the penetration into the shielded zones obtained by this performant equipment are really astonishing. The HI - TECH EPS is fed by 220 or 110 V 50 or 60 Hz mains and the high voltage generated within the gun reaches 80 KV. The set value is kept constant at any powder spraying rate, optimizing the coating job. A wide selection of interchangeable mushroom or fan nozzles can be fitted on the projection head. They are the result of our more than 25 years long experience in powder coating. The light and strong HI - TECH EPS gun and its associated apparatus are built and certified by PTB in compliance with the EC Standard EN 50050:2006 for 2mJ energy level. The current output is self limited at 70 microA for maximum working safety. For both the 28 l and the 65 l powder feeder are available spare blind cover containers for the quick turnover of different colours powders.