ride-on sweeper / battery-powered / gasoline / diesel
Boxer series



  • Configuration:


  • Motor type:

    battery-powered, gasoline, diesel

  • Working width:

    1,550 mm


The Boxer range offers 7 different medium-large sweepers for professional cleaning. Boxer, with its 240 l capacity hopper, is available battery powered and in 4 different engine versions, Diesel, LPG and petrol. Superboxer, with oversize hopper, vacuum and filters for the most difficult applications, is available in Diesel and battery versions. Its simplicity to use and maintain, its reliability and low running costs make Boxer particularly suitable for hire.

A wide range of optional accessories ensures the Boxer fits your needs: choice of different brushes and filters, left side brush, third side brush, dust conveyor, LPG plant, catalytic cleaner, overhead guard, beacon, reverse alarm, lights and much more. RCM are also available to design specific accessories to meet your particular needs.