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3D printer PLA filament / 2,85 mm / black / white



  • Applications:

    for 3D printers

  • Diameter:

    2,85 mm

  • Color:

    black, white, silver, red, yellow

  • Net weight:

    5 lb (2.3 kg)


Gigabot PLA filament is certified and guaranteed high quality, held to exact tolerances specified for printing filament industry standards. Our filament is manufactured with laser-controlled precision and is guaranteed not to have any heavy metals, phthalates or BPA.

Gigabot PLA Filament is a strong material derived from corn, also known as a bioplastic. While PLA does not require a heated bed for printing, large prints have a tendency to curl. However, using Gigabot's PrintinZ surface, PLA is effective in adhesion and removal.

re:3D ensures it's filament is quality tested for printing at 100-micron layer resolution. Our partner affiliate, Simplify3D performs reliably to slice and produce to your desired outcome. Each spool of filament sold has a consistently round diameter for fluid flow through the heated extruder. Printing with our filament must be done on a clean, level build plate in a well-ventilated area.