DIN rail signal conditioner / temperature measurement
IAMS series



  • Format:

    DIN rail

  • Applications:

    temperature measurement


The IAMS are universal signal conditioners with unmatched capability and provide more than 100 combinations of I/O combination configurations. The IAMS provides complete isolation and conversion capabilities to satisfy any application. The universal input accepts process, DC current, DC voltage, thermocouples, RTDs, potentiometers and linear resistance signals allowing the module to be connected to most sensors.

Setpoint models allow for dual setpoint control capability through dual form A relays. The analog model provides a retransmitted analog signal. A third model provides both analog and dual setpoint control capabilities.

The IAMS can be configured using the PGMMOD programming module. The module is required to program the IAMS, but only one programming module is required regardless of the quantity of IAMS signal conditioners. The module can store programming from one unit and mirror it to a second unit reducing set-up time for multiple installations.