media converter / Ethernet / fiber optic / industrial
302MC series



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    Ethernet, fiber optic

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Red Lion's N-Tron® series 302 media converters offer high reliability and redundant power inputs. With excellent EMI protection and metal DIN-rail mountable housings, discover how our 302 media converters can easily expand your industrial Ethernet network. These media converters are also available with optional N-View™ OPC monitoring technology.

The 302MC provides one RJ45 copper Ethernet port and one fiber optic cabling port. The RJ45 port is 10/100BaseT(X). The fiber optic port is 100BaseFX supporting industry standard SC or ST fiber connectors.

The N-Tron series 302MC industrial media converters feature an operating temperature of -20° to 70°C for use in extreme environments. Housed in a metal enclosure with DIN-rail mounts and ESD protected circuitry, our media converters will remain running trouble-free for years.

The 302MC media converters use built-in switching technology to distinguish port speeds. This means that 10Mbps or 100Mbps devices can be connected to 100Mbps networks with no problem. The media converters will auto-sense network environments and provide the best performance possible.