power transmission chain / chromed metal / roller
CHROMA series



  • Type:

    power transmission

  • Material:

    chromed metal

  • Configuration:



Regina CHROMA series outlast standard chains with case
hardened pins thanks to specially manufactured pins and bushings
which greatly increase the chains wear resistance.
Pins are chemically treated following a process called
chromizing which diffuses on the surface of the pins chromium
carbides. Chromized pins reach a surface hardness 2 to 3 times the
surface hardness of case hardened pins.
CHROMA chains have specially shaped bushings so as to allow a perfect contact with the pins, fact that enhances even more the perfect manufacturing precision of these chains. This special shaping of the bushings developed by Regina is called profiling. This process eliminates the barrel
effect which would otherwise act on the bushings as a result of
them being forced into the plates reducing the working surface area
of the chain.