steel transfer chain / hollow-shaft / for furnaces / for ovens



  • Material:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    for furnaces, for ovens

  • Tensile strength:

    34 N


Pin oven chains are used in can painting and labeling lines.
Over the years these facilities have significantly increased line speeds.
In modern plants there are chains running at speed up to 4 meters per
second in order to guarantee an output capacity of 1800-2000 cans
per minute. Inside the baking ovens the temperature can be as high as
300°C. The chain running at high speeds, in and out, the baking
ovens reach high temperatures.
This fact means that the extended pin chain is subject to wear at a
much faster rate than before. In line with these application
requirements, Regina has developed special options to the standard
carbon steel chain.