raw fabric inspection machine / high-quality / tensionless



  • Type of fabric:

    raw, high-quality

  • Other characteristics:



The machine is designed to rewind and inspect fabric on to a cardboard core.
- The machine is equipped with fabric edge sensor to ensure even rewinding.
- The machine is suitable for elastic and non-elastic materials.
- Top inspection light.
- The machine can be equipped with following options:
• Backlighting screen
• Cutting knife (semiautomatic OT-1/A or ULTRASONIC).
• Fabric feed is possible by: Expanding airshaft for cardboard core, geared feed rollers or special „V” shape, geared conveyor belt cradle.
• Winding on to the cardboard core can be done on geared receiving rollers or expanding airshaft.
• Cut pieces can fall on special hanger, pile or on a roller conveyor.
- Control panel is equipped with high quality touchscreen.
- Easy to use touchscreen interface available in Polish, English and Russian (other languages on demand).


Max. roll width: 2000 mm
Max. roll diameter: 600 mm
Max. roll weight: 80 kg
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 1980 mm x 3125 mm x 1920 mm
Voltage: 230 V AC
Power: 1.15 kW