absolute rotary encoder / analog / digital / parallel



  • Type:


  • Output signal:

    analog, digital, parallel

  • Construction:

    solid-shaft, multi-turn

  • Protection level:

    ultra-rugged, vibration-resistant


A system for exact position, distance, and level measurements – RIPOS und RIPOS smart absolute encoders are well-suited for a variety of water management applications.

With almost 40 years of experience in the development of absolute angle transmitters and rotary encoders, Rittmeyer has extensive know-how in that area. The absolute position is available immediately after power-on. The rotary encoders allow for optimal water management regulation, are vibration-resistant, and work reliably even in harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to their comprehensive backwards compatibility, maximum investment protection is guaranteed. Depending on the type, the encoders differ in the number of inputs and outputs and available communication interfaces.

RIPOS product details

Measuring range 0 ... 360°/4096 rotations, accuracy ± 0.044°
Integrated process value calculations (limit values, linearization)
Cable connection with cable glands
1 analog output with HART® (fully implemented)
4 digital outputs (optional)
1 status output
Parallel code outputs (BCD, Gray, binary) on up to 22 digital outputs (optional)

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