hydro-pneumatic riveter / for blind rivets



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for blind rivets

  • Rivet diameter:

    Max.: 7.8 mm

    Min.: 4.8 mm


The hydropneumatic tool RIV 508B is designed to place standard and structural blind rivets d.4,8mm to d.7,8mm and blind bolts up to d.6,4mm.
RIV508B features an aluminium light handle, which is connected to a control unit where are located the intensifiers, the oil tank and the valve for nail intake.
RIV508B comes without the front head kit. Kits have to be ordered separately, according to the fasteners to be placed.
If the tensile strength declared is not sufficient enough, the booster can be customized according to the product needs.

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