manual hand riveter / for rivets



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for rivets

  • Rivet diameter:

    Max.: 12 mm

    Min.: 5 mm


RIV906 is a rachet hand tool to place female rivet nuts Rivsert from M5 to M12 and for male rivet nuts Rivbolt from M5 to M8.
Hand rivet nut setter with quick change mandrel system.
RIV906 is supplied in a cardboard box, complete with tie rods and heads.
Place the head and the tie rod corresponding nosepiece into the tool.
Screw the rivet nut into the tie rod, adjust the nosepiece to have it all screwed at the bottom.
Use top handle as a support while using the bottom handle to ratchet.
Flip the switch in the opposite direction.
Push the lower handle counterclockwise once and then simply undo the bolt.

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