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wrap-around cartoner-sleeve wrapping machine / for the food industry / automatic
TCS series



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    for the food industry

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The TCS series range is the line of Prasmatic solutions for the production of medium-speed automatic shrink wrapping machines and wrap around case packer machines for end line packaging.

TCS is the series of Prasmatic wrapping machines mainly dedicated to the food and dairy industries, where the primary requirement of high reliability is combined with the request for a high number of packaging solutions and the respect of high quality and hygiene standards.
The main features are: ergonomics, modularity, flexibility and ease of management;
these features make this machine series a product that is essential to the realisation of various packaging solutions achievable in corrugated fibreboard and shrink films.
The extremely compact dimensions allow an easy adaptation to the most diverse layout requirements.
Depending on the set-up, in addition to all the classic types of end-of-line packaging, this series of machines can also realise special packages, thanks to the many technical solutions that can be installed.