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automatic shrink wrapping machine / for heat-shrink films / with sealing bar / with shrink tunnel



  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristic:

    for heat-shrink films, with sealing bar, with shrink tunnel

  • Throughput:

    20 p/min


LASER machines are sealing bar wrapping machines suitable for low-speed packaging and logistic packs. Laser wrapping machines have an innovative design and guarantee high-performances and good reliability.
These Shrink wrapping machines were designed so they could be easily installed and used by operators (diagnoses and format changes) and to enable a better monitoring of the machine parameters through the touch-screen display. A lot of attention was also paid to the sealing and film cutting stage, as the sealer height can be adjusted for the best results depending on the type of products to process. The tunnel is insulated (energy saving) for the perfect heat shrinkage of the product.