electrostatic deposition machine

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electrostatic deposition machine electrostatic deposition machine - 380AKM
  • Electrostatic deposition machine


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ungsten carbide applied to one side of a sharpened blade provides a self sharpening edge akin to the Beaver Tooth effect in nature. The dentine wears away faster than the enamel as the Beavers lower jaw works against the upper jaw. This hard-soft differential hardness causes the knife edge to become more aggressive as it is used.

Many knife makers eliminate the need for heat treatment as softer metal blades can now be upgraded by applying the hard and wear resistant carbide surface to only one edge.

Alternatively tungsten carbide can be applied to both edges of a knife blade for wear protection.

The amount of carbide deposit can be precisely controlled
to match the bevel of the edge.

This unique deposition process retains sharpness longer and resists rust and corrosion. Conventional resharpening techniques can be used when the knife blade edges eventually become dull before reapplying the Rocklinizing process.