dot peen marking machine / hand-held / pneumatic / compact
Markator MV5



  • Technique:

    dot peen

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    pneumatic, compact, high-speed, deep marking, programmable, small character, large character, mobile, for aluminum, for metal, for tubes, data-matrix, for non-metals


The MV5 is a handheld, pneumatic-powered dot peen marking unit ideal for deep marking.

Ideal for marking heavy, bulky and stationary work pieces
Space-saving with compact construction and ergonomic design
High speed marking due to latest control technologies
Solid mechanics with high quality, double guided linear guides in x- and y-direction
Perfect power transmission into the material to be marked
High repeat accuracy
Extremely precise and warp-free marking results
Precise marking of two-dimensional Data Matrix Codes
Can be used in any position
Good price performance ratio

Available marking areas (x/y):
50 x 25 mm (MV5 M50/25)
50 x 45 mm (MV5 M50/45)
80 x 25 mm (MV5 M80/25)
80 x 45 mm (MV5 M80/45)
120 x 25 mm (MV5 M120/25)
120 x 45 mm (MV5 M120/45)
Please note that Rocklin Manufacturing's territory for this product is limited to the United States, Canada and Mexico.