water washing machine / for industrial use / stainless steel / continuous



  • Technology:


  • Field:

    for industrial use

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, continuous, with dryer, with belt conveyor, degreasing


The waterjet machines in the RÖSLER line are designed to project pure, media-free water onto a component requiring treatment. The water is blasted via one or more nozzles that are fixed on a rotating holder. The parts receive a milling effect, which is generated by the rotating nozzles. Parts with hard, tenacious coatings that need to be removed can be treated with a soft method.

These are environmentally-friendly machines, as the water is reusable in the closed circuit. There are no deformations, peening effects, abrasive deposits or abrasive wear. This means that subsequent cleaning is unnecessary for the parts. The machines are capable of utilizing anti-corrosives. Procedures such welding line cleaning and thermic coating removal are made possible in many applications in a variety of industrial sectors.