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electrical network analyzer / spectrum / benchtop / real-time
R&S®FSVR series



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    for electrical networks

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R&S®FSVR features the unique combination of a spectrum analyzer and a full-features signal, hence providing the capabilities and features of modern T&M instruments. When it comes to real-time operation, this device is able to display and measure the spectrum in the time domain seamlessly, with a span of up to 40MHz.

One of the direct results of this is the capturing of every event for analysis, regardless of how brief the event might be. In addition to this, the frequency range supported is between 10Hz and 7GHz, and can even extend to up to 30GHz.

The real-time analysis bandwidth has a frequency of 40MHz, while the real-time spectrogram display and spectrum with persistence functions are also worth mentioning. Note that the hard disk is exchangeable, while the analysis software is suitable for both digital and analog modulation methods .