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solvent washing machine / compact / continuous / rotary
Macofar RWM



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    compact, continuous, rotary


RWM series are the new rotary washing machines which complete the Romaco Macofar portfolio. Romaco will be able to offer both linear washing machines as well as rotary washing machines.


- Vials loaded direct from trays
- Up to 8 washing stations available
- 3 LOG particles reduction
- CIP, SIP, DIP available as options
- Intermittent and continuous motion machines are available
- Vial transfer system to downstream tunnel customized upon request (random, row by row, via accumulation system with diverter)

Techincal Highlights

- Extra-compact machine, reduced footprint
- Washing cycle customized upon request
- All metal parts in contact with process fluids are made of AISI 316 L Stainless Steel
- Fluid pressure and temperature are monitored in order to grant expected performance
- Servo motors drive