electric valve actuator / multi-turn / explosion-proof / smart



  • Type:


  • Movement:


  • Other characteristics:

    explosion-proof, smart, wireless

  • Torque:

    Max.: 3,000 Nm (2,213 ft.lb)

    Min.: 10 Nm (7 ft.lb)


The 3rd Generation IQ Intelligent Actuator

For 60 years Rotork has used innovation for designing reliable, flexible and robust valve actuators and control systems. Continuing our ethos of evolving design, the next generation IQ multi-turn and IQT part-turn actuators are now available. Reliability standards have been set even higher, it is simpler to commission and use and is unrivalled in its ability to provide valve and process control operational data.

With the revolutionary dual stacked display, information about your plant and process is available at your fingertips, allowing unparalleled data analysis of the condition and operational status of the valve; data analysis that enables accurate asset management of your plant. Rotork innovation at its best.

IQ 3-phase electric actuators for isolating, regulating or inching duties (S2 & S3 / Class A & B) of up to 60 starts / hour. Direct torque output range from 10 to 3,000 Nm (7 to 2,200 lbf.ft). With second stage gearboxes, multi-turn output torque up to 44,000 Nm (32,452 lbf.ft) and part-turn up to 826,888 Nm (609,881 lbf.ft).