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pneumatic valve actuator / hydraulic / quarter-turn / double-acting



  • Type:

    pneumatic, hydraulic

  • Movement:


  • Technology:

    double-acting, piston, helical

  • Other characteristics:


  • Torque:

    Min.: 0 Nm (0

    Max.: 150,000 Nm (110,634


The CQ range provides an innovative fully-concentric and balanced actuator design for quarter-turn valves. The design features a helical mechanism that transforms linear piston motion into quarter-turn valve stem rotation. CQ actuators provide a much higher torque output for a given footprint than scotch yoke designs typically utilised to operate many quarter-turn valve types. It is therefore ideally suited for installation in confined spaces. Further, Rotork’s unique helical pin design provides higher efficiency than a helical gear mechanism utilised by other valve actuator manufacturers.

As standard, the CQ torque output profile, like that of a scotch yoke actuator, is engineered to parallel the torque demand profile typically found with popular quarter-turn valve types. The CQ design however is unique in that the torque profile can be custom engineered and manufactured to meet specific, non-standard valve torque requirements.

In our experience, the CQ standard range of sizes is suitable for applications that require a pneumatically powered actuator with torque demand less than 150,000 Nm. However, we also engineer CQ actuators with greater output and/or hydraulic power. Please apply to Rotork for these applications.

Weatherproof housing suitable for harsh environments
Applications: SIL3, functional integrity, safety, limited space
Pneumatic, single and double-acting