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3 V battery / lithium / CR / non-rechargeable

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3 V battery / lithium / CR / non-rechargeable 3 V battery / lithium / CR / non-rechargeable - 8660672


  • Voltage:

    3 V

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RS Pro Lithium Button Batteries - CR Series

CR Series lithium manganese dioxide coin button batteries from RS Pro. These compact efficient power source batteries come in a pack of 5 and the range is available in a variety of different sizes and capacity option to suit your application. These non-rechargeable batteries are ideal for small electronic devices such as cameras and watches and have a longer lasting life than alkaline equivalents. These small, round and slim batteries are normally used on their own but with their less self-discharge they are able to hold their charge for longer periods of time.
Features and benefits:

• These CR batteries feature lithium chemistry, which has a high energy density
• Non-Rechargeable
• Wide operating temperature range
• The self-discharge on this range of coin cells is low, giving them an excellent shelf life
• Suited to intermittent high load applications
• They have excellent reliability and a high capacity